Organized. Private. Spam-free.

Your email sorted.
Past, present & future.

Your home for the emails you want to keep

Your email organized without spam or clutter
Link your existing accounts

Link your existing email accounts and move the emails you want to keep to your Keepd account.

Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc, no matter what email accounts you have, you can link them to Keepd.

Forward in the emails you want

Select the emails that matter and forward them in.

Emails you forward in are automatically organized into private channels with the original senders, so your emails are easy to find.

You can also choose to auto-forward emails you want to keep.

Pull out your old emails

Got emails you want to keep but they're difficult to find in a mailbox full of spam and clutter?

Simply link your account with Keepd, choose the contact you want the old emails from and we'll take care of the rest.

We'll pull all your emails with the contact and store them in Keepd, organized, secure and without the spam.

Continue the conversation with your Keepd email address

Pick up and continue the conversation where you left them, using your Keepd email account instead.

Communicate in complete confidence knowing your emails will all be kept private and secure.

Experience email as it should be

Organized, secure and spam-free. Use your Keepd account for all your email needs. Sign up to new services, communicate with contacts and more.

Your emails. Wherever you are, on all your devices

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